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Professional Demolition Services in Cincinnati OH

Not sure who to call when it’s time to demolish a home, building or industrial complex? A & A Recycling of Cincinnati, OH’s demolition services offers complete demolition services to the greater metro area. We’re dedicated to providing you with an affordable demolition service that benefits the environment and community.

Household demolition

At A & A Recycling, your reliable and professional recycling center in Cincinnati, we make tearing down an old structure easy for you and your family. We work closely with local governments to make the process as smooth and effortless as possible for homeowners. Your home is demolished, materials sorted, and made ready to be processed into new products.

Commercial demolition

A & A Recycling offers hassle-free and flexible demolition services to Cincinnati businesses, contractors, offices and industrial sites. Our service includes providing safe and environmentally friendly demolition and waste removal services. We ensure that the surrounding buildings, people and businesses are unharmed. Contact us for more information about our commercial services.

Exceptional service and care

A & A Recycling of Cincinnati utilizes the latest tools and equipment to offer you a reliable demolition process that’s efficient and friendly to the environment. Our demolition services specialists are fully trained and qualified to offer you affordable and flexible solutions for your home, office, or industrial site.
We’re committed to safety for both our employees and the environment. Give us a call today to start discussing your recycling demolition requirements and see how A & A Recycling can help.
Demolition services in Cincinnati, OH focus on safety and quality
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